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Enter a radically different cannabis marketplace focused on the discovery of quality over quantity. We curate the cleanest products to help you find your best fit.

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What have we learned in the time of cannabis legalization? Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

That’s why at Flower Market, we care about what goes into a product just as much as what doesn’t: all-natural botanicals, adaptogens and organic products are in. Sugar-laden, mystery-dosed products are out, naturally.

We’re a cannabis delivery service that partners directly with trusted brands and meets a rigorous set of quality standards. Our team of cannabis and food experts have sifted through countless labels for unmatched quality control and ensure that each product–especially food and drink– meets the same standards of any mainstream high end grocer.

Cannabis education is a process. Let’s learn together.

With all the information out there, the answer to ‘what’s best?’ is still up in the air.

Much like the body’s endocannabinoid system, what’s best for you is unique to the mindful way you shop and what you’re looking to feel today (or this week, for that matter).

We take an education-first approach that grants you the power to make informed choices. Explore what’s behind the curtain on vetted cannabis products with a descriptive menu that outlines form and function. And in case you’re looking to make one less decision, our trusted cannabis guides can make the process as easy and informative as you need.

From cannabis aperitifs to stock for an engagement party, functional edibles to support your immune system, or sustainably-grown flower with a passionate story, our menu is meticulously curated for a conscious shopper that cares about what goes in their body and why.

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Your Flower Market experience starts by matching you with a personal cannabis connoisseur that helps determine your health and wellness goals as well as what you value in a cannabis product. Enter your address, fill your basket and schedule a delivery time that fits for you, whether that’s in the next hour or the next day.

Our friendly delivery drivers are committed to providing accurate orders that arrive on time. And with your first delivery, you’ll be part of the family so the next time you shop, your menu will be optimized based on your previous preferences and orders.

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