December 22, 2022

Cannabis Tea Health Benefits

Cannabis Tea: A Healthy Alternative

Cannabis has many health benefits to offer, and drinking cannabis-infused tea is one of the best and most ancient ways to get them. In many cultures throughout history, people have enjoyed cannabis tea for their health and happiness. Traditionally shared with guests in some cultures and with those suffering from illness in others. It’s been widely acknowledged as a soothing and nourishing drink.

The medical benefits of cannabis (specifically, the cannabinoid compounds THC and CBD) have been researched for decades. The evidence base is growing to support what the world's cultures have known all along. Cannabis can help with many of the body's vital systems and provide comfort to many who are suffering.

Drinking tea is a gentler way to access these benefits compared with smoking or eating cannabis products. While not offering a cure-all, cannabis tea's benefits are wide-ranging and powerful.

#1: Reduces Inflammation

Chronic inflammation plays a central role in several major health conditions, including heart disease, certain types of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. THC, an active ingredient in cannabis tea, has been shown to reliably reduce inflammation and is being explored as a potential anti-inflammatory drug. Furthermore, It’s a safe and natural way to receive these anti-inflammatory benefits.

#2: Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis is widely understood to help with anxiety and depression. Studies have proven that THC and CBD both have neuroprotective properties, helping the brain to function as it should. In addition, brain inflammation is considered a leading cause of depression and anxiety. Therefore, the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids improve these conditions.

Drinking cannabis tea may be one of the most comforting ways to access these benefits. Taking the time to brew and sip a cup of tea is soothing and relaxing. It can become part of a daily self-care routine.

#3: Contributes to Healthy Lungs and Heart

Healthy Lungs

Cannabis is considered a helpful treatment for those with lung disease and respiratory problems. Active ingredient THC has been proven to contribute to lung health. It opens up bronchial pathways, reduces inflammation in the lungs, and coughing. For these patients, cannabis-infused tea is a particularly important alternative to smoking.

Healthy Heart

THC contributes to heart health by relaxing the arteries and lowering blood pressure. However, smoking marijuana can initially raise heart and blood pressure, with the longer-term benefits coming later. By drinking cannabis instead of smoking, the beneficial properties are absorbed through the digestive tract and liver, which happens more gradually.

#4: Relieves Nausea

Cannabis is widely acknowledged for its antinausea and anti-vomiting benefits. It's suggested for chemotherapy patients to help them withstand extreme nausea they experience. Furthermore, it can be a life-changing improvement for them, since being able to hold food down means their bodies can restore themselves more quickly.

When your stomach is upset, tea is a gentle way to consume cannabis and receive those antinausea benefits quickly. If you suffer from chronic nausea, a daily routine of drinking cannabis tea offers a road to long-term relief.

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How to Get Started with Cannabis Tea

Brewing cannabis tea is not difficult. Many cannabis-infused brands are available online and most likely at your local dispensary. Some are combined with other herbs and minerals to maximize specific benefits, such as healthful sleep or reducing anxiety. You can also brew a cup of tea by simmering marijuana buds, leaves, or stems for 30 minutes. Adding a fat like butter or coconut oil enhances the diffusing of THC.

If you haven't regularly used marijuana in other forms, be sure to start with a very small dose. It's recommended that you try half a cup (125 ml) per day. When you become familiar with its effects on your body, you can experiment with other doses and frequencies.

Typically, it will take between 30 and 90 minutes to feel the full impact of drinking cannabis tea. If you're just getting started with cannabis, give yourself a few hours in a safe and comfortable environment. Allow time to discover how your body will react to the tea. Whereas, cannabis tea drinkers usually don't experience the "stoned" feeling that can result from smoking. Instead, the effects are gradual, gentle, and therapeutic.

Effects typically last between 4 and 8 hours. Because of these long-lasting results, many who have chronic conditions prefer drinking cannabis tea over smoking or consuming edibles.

Enjoy a relaxing cup of cannabis tea. Your mind and body will thank you!

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