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White Walker OG

3.5mg THC per package

White Walker OG is an award-winning cannabis variety descended from OG Kush and a mysterious second strain. The cultivar features a pungent, fuel-like flavor with layers of citrusy lemon. A toke of White Walker OG relieves physical tension with a warm, fuzzy blanket of euphoria that both soothes and amplifies the senses.

CBX’ White Walker OG is a knockout west coast strain with compact, golf-ball-shaped nuggets that exude pungent fuel-like aromas. This OG Kush descendent has won many awards, including 1st place at multiple High Times Cannabis Cups. White Walker OG’s lemony flavors deliver fast and powerful waves of euphoric relaxation, making it the perfect complement to wind down a user’s day.

Flavor and Aroma: Diesel, Lemon, Citrus
Reported Effects: Euphoric, Relief, Aroused

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