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Superfood Bundle

100mg CBD : 100mg THC per package

The Holistic Health Bundle

Bundle and save! Save 20% when you bring home the whole superfood family.

Stock up on Pantry's most popular products designed to promote health throughout your week. Serve your mind, body and soul with this well-rounded wellness pack.

1. GOOD DAY BITES - Mood Support (5mg CBD : 5 mg THC per bite // 20 bites per pack)

This white chocolate is infused with a golden milk spice blend, ashwagandha, and lion's mane mushroom to boost immunity and cognitive functioning while fighting stress-- Hello, good days ahead!

2. NITE BITES - Sleep (5mg CBN : 5 mg THC : 1.5 mg Melatonin per bite // 20 bites per pack)

These nighttime chocolates contain CBN, melatonin, and an adaptogen-blend designed to fight stress and promote healthy sleep.

3. CACAO KETO BITES - Relaxation (5mg CBD : 5 mg THC per bite // 20 bites per pack)

Made simply with just 3 ingredients, these traditional vegan cannabis chocolates are naturally delicious.

4. GLOW BITES - Beauty Within (5mg CBD : 5 mg THC per bite // 20 bites per pack)

These bright blue peppermint chocolates are naturally colored with butterfly pea tea and promote hair and skin health.

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