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1mg THC per package

Sprinkle a little dankness on your day with CBX’s Cereal Milk Terp Sugar. This high-octane concentrate captures delectable terpenes and cannabinoids from freshly harvested plants, maintaining the flavor profile and potency of the original strain. A dab of Cereal Milk offers a sweet 'n spicy way to uplift as well as relax for after a long day.

Cereal Milk is a cultivar of mysterious origins, thought to be a combination of Snowman and Y Life. These hefty, olive-green nugs feature a creamy, fruit flavor and notes of herbs on each smoky finish. Cereal Milk is a finely balanced cannabis experience, offering equal parts mellow relaxation and energetic inspiration.

Flavor and Aroma: Butter, Spicy, Berry

Reported Effects: Relaxed, Energized, Calming

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