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Henry’s Original

Pure Cannabis Flower

Everything they do at Henry’s Original is inspired by the rebellious freedom seekers who went to the Emerald Triangle to live a life away from the noise and with nature. They call these people the Originals, and they used the sun and soil to grow fine cannabis, just like Henry’s does today.

Henry’s Original: from Mendocino, With Love

The soul of Henry’s grew in the hills and valleys of Mendocino County. The same hills and valleys used to cultivate their organic cannabis. Through decades of experience, their growers learned how cannabis was meant to be grown, and to honor the legacy of the Emerald Triangle, that’s how they grow it. The proof is in every smoke.

California cannabis straight from the farm

From the multi-generational Mendocino farms to you, Henry’s believes that their families, friends, and neighbors should have access to the best quality cannabis – grown organically, and handled with care.

Henry’s cultivates cannabis in small batches, using sustainable, organic methods to grow premium, clean green certified flower on their farms in Mendocino County.

The love for Mendocino County runs deep. Henry’s is forever grateful to the Originals, the cannabis community, the warm California sun, and the fertile land that allows them to bring the best cannabis directly from their farms to you.

Clean, green cannabis flower

Henry’s is clean green certified, which is the closest certification to organic you can get in the cannabis industry. It’s not only organic, it’s their heritage.

Based on national and international agricultural standards, to be “Clean Green Certified” means that the cannabis Henry’s produces is cultivated using sustainable, natural and organic practices. Due to rigorous requirements and testing standards, Henry’s Original is one of the few cultivators to earn this certification in California.

Henry’s Original focuses on cultivating fine cannabis in a variety of strains. Though strains vary, you can always count on high-quality flower that elicits the flavors and aromas of cannabis cultivated the way nature intended.

Sealed fresh for every smoke

Henry’s Original values earth-friendly practices, so they package all of their products in sustainable materials like glass jars and glass tubes, displaying their commitment from seed to sale.

Whether you prefer a preroll or a packaged eighth, you can enjoy your cannabis flower knowing the packaging can be recycled. Their true to nature approach aligns with the lifestyle that they live; appreciating nature by getting outdoors, exploring the land and waterways, and basking in Northern California’s forests, hills, and valleys.

Henry’s Original suits anyone who wants to smoke high-quality, organic, sun-grown flower that keeps cannabis’ rich heritage and our environment in mind. It’s clean, green cannabis from their heritage farm into your hands.

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