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Cannabis Beverages

Artet crafts cannabis beverages that honor the aspects of drinking everyone loves, and replaces the rest with THC. Their alcohol-free, botanical “liqueurs” make cannabis cocktails easy, whether you’re hosting the dinner party of the year or taking cans on the go. If you’re looking for proof that cocktail culture and cannabis mix well, look no further than Artet— the makers of the original cannabis aperitif.

Two brothers, a cousin, and a new approach to drinking.

Artet was founded by two brothers and a cousin who share a passion for cannabis and cocktails in equal parts. At a family dinner, they took a look around and realized that cannabis had every right to be the centerpiece of the social rituals they cherished the most. With THC and all of its functional benefits, social drinking didn’t have to be limited to alcohol. Then and there, they set out to make a cannabis beverage that blends the best of both worlds.

That beverage is Artet, the original cannabis aperitif. It’s a booze-free, sensibly-infused liquid that tastes like the classic liqueurs of Italy and France. It’s the key to cannabis mixology; botanical, dry, and versatile. It’s a big night out without the hangover. If you prefer, it’s a ready-to-drink cocktail in a can. Artet is a new approach to drinking, made for lovers of flowing conversation, plates and glasses filled with flavor, and good company.

Artet’s sessionable, infused beverages were made for multiple rounds

Artet’s beverages are clean, botanical, dry, and sessionable. Whether you’re sipping the Flagship Cannabis Aperitif on the rocks or cracking open a canned cannabis cocktail like the Mango Ginger Spritz, you can expect a drink that’s low in calories, user friendly, and perfect for multiple rounds. Sensible doses give users the utmost control over their experience, offering up a bright and gentle buzz that enhances time spent with friends, food, nature, and art.

Raising the bar for THC-infused drinks, one sip at a time.

“Artet is delicious. With bright citrus notes backed by juniper, ginger, and cardamom, among other botanicals, it’s complex and delightful.” - Food & Wine

“Artet is the first ready-to-drink aperitif that is truly a reality check for THC-based beverages. It’s sophisticated and memorable, bitter and oh, so mixable.” - Forbes

Cannabis mixology, made possible by Artet.

When it comes to cannabis mixology, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile beverage than Artet’s Flagship Cannabis Aperitif or Artet’s Founders’ Blend No. 1. Over the years, renowned bartenders, fans, and inspired dinner guests have come up with countless N.A. cocktail recipes featuring Artet. These recipes range from hangover helpers to highballs to THC-infused takes on the Negroni and the Old Fashioned. In the mood to find your next favorite cannabis cocktail recipe? Head on over to Artet’s recipe portal, they’ve got you covered.

How do I drink Artet?

All of Artet’s cannabis beverages were painstakingly crafted to take the guesswork out of enjoying your high. Thanks to nano-emulsification technology, you’ll feel the effects of Artet within 15-30 minutes.

Not to mention, Artet is gently-dosed, and it’s incredibly easy to track your consumption. Every 750ml bottle comes with a stainless steel measure that pours 50ml of Artet and delivers an even 2.5mg of THC per pour. Artet’s canned cocktails contain 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD per serving, and kick in within 30 minutes of consumption.

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