Green means go right? Well, not in all cases. The term “greening out” is all about over consuming cannabis and is associated with a lousy experience with cannabis. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are tips and techniques that can help alleviate greening out.

When you over consume weed, your body goes into distress. It creates symptoms of nausea and/or unease. Though temporary these symptoms can cause a consumer to go to the hospital or be uncomfortable for hours on end. Let’s prevent that.

How to recognize when you are greening out

People who have consumed too much cannabis can experience a variety of symptoms like, dizziness, sweating vomiting, and/or severe anxiety. Greening out can also increase heart rate and reduce blood pressure due to the dilation of blood vessels. This is all due to the fact that the body has absorbed too much THC - one of the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis.

How does greening out happen in the first place?

Briefly, under normal circumstances, THC reacts within the endocannabinoid system. Attaching with CB1 receptors further enabling these receptors in the brain to fire up. These receptors control bodily functions like appetite, pain, depression, and memory. When someone consumes too much THC, these receptors get overloaded and improperly function, causing the above uncomfortable symptoms. Read more about the endocannabinoid system here.

Who is more likely to green out?

There are many factors to consider to see if you are more susceptible to greening out.

  • Physiological makeup - Consider your age, weight and gender when consuming THC. Together they will provide a clearer picture of the risk of consuming too much THC.
  • The potency of the cannabis - When purchased legally, each product will have the amount of THC. It is recommended to consume products with lower THC counts and slowly dosing more amounts as needed. The quality of the product’s ingredients will also factor into how much the body will absorb.
  • Your tolerance - It is important to note that being a novice consumer of cannabis will affect how the body reacts. People that consume products with THC often will gain a tolerance and can afford to consume higher amounts of THC without greening out.
  • How much food you have eaten that day - THC that is absorbed through the digestive tract can result in a stronger and longer-lasting high. Consuming these edibles on an empty stomach can further exacerbate a person’s high. It is recommended that if you are consuming edibles you should do this on a full stomach. Slowing down the absorption rate of THC.
  • People who have mixed substances - You should avoid consuming prescription drugs and/or alcohol before consuming THC products. The mixture could cause greening out and other adverse effects (including the efficiency of the prescription drugs).

Handling the symptoms of too much cannabis

It sounds cliche but one of the main things you should do is, stay calm. Find a safe environment and pay attention to your breathing. Breathing in and out until you start to feel better. If more severe symptoms remain, it might be a good idea to implement other techniques:

  • Drink water with electrolytes - When nausea hits, consumers have the possibility to lose key electrolytes. Its important to consume liquids with electrolytes to replenish if needed.
  • Avoid operating large machinery or vehicles - Using a vehicle could put you at risk to getting into an accident and causing injury and/or death.
  • Use CBD Oil - According to a study by Frontiers Psychiatry CBD oil can soothe the anxiety and paranoia associated with too much weed. Apply as needed.
  • Use terpenes - Research shows that using specific terpenes can eliminate the psychoactive effects of consuming too much THC. These terpenes are, caryophyllene and limonene (Weedmaps).
  • See a doctor - If symptoms persist or other symptoms show up, it might be helpful to see a medical professional. They can provide prescription medication for nausea, dizziness, or anxiety.

How long does greening out last?

You should know it can take time. Anywhere from a couple of minutes to hours. With differing severity of symptoms.

Finally, greening out isn’t permanent. In fact, there are no known cases of consumers fatally overdosing from cannabis. Take a moment and ride out the symptoms and take into account the above techniques to prevent future greening out.