How do you match your need with your strain? A great question, that we all wish we knew the perfect answer to. The reality of all cannabis use is that it really depends on the person. It’s a lot of complicated science, but just like you are a unique individual, your body's cannabinoid receptors are just the same, and their level of sensitivity and reaction type varies. Have a look at the top ten Sativa strains to find our what's best for you.

Let’s explore some of the options and benefits that these top-selling Sativa strains offer. First off, Sativa is known to be the primary strain type of marijuana that is the uplifting type. If you are searching for a more chill vibe, you might want to consider an Indica strain. Think Indica, “In da couch” as is popularly called by users. Don’t worry we’ve got a list of the Top Indica strains in our blog for you more chill types.

Using Sativa Strains

You may have guessed but many users like to utilize Sativa strains during the daytime or physical activity that require a high level of concentration or social interaction. Sativa typically has a higher concentration of THC than CBD and has a reputation for giving users a “mind high.” Need a jumpstart on a creative project or a boost of energy? A Sativa strain might just do the trick, so let’s explore these top ten Sativa strains. By the way, these top picks might change for you personally. Again, your cannabinoid receptors are like you, unique.

Green Crack:

No shock that with a name like that, that this would be the number one selling strain. This is also sometimes called Mango Crack or Green Crush, again, what a fitting name. This is a pure Sativa strain that users report that gives just the right kind of “mind high” allowing users to keep that sharp energy and focus.

  • Ratios: 17-25% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effect: Energetic
  • Benefits: Help fight fatigue, stress, depression
  • Flavor & Aroma: Citrus

Durban Poison:

Another pure Sativa strain with an aggressive name. Durban Poison originates in the South African city of Durban. Another strain giving you a good spark of energy, but users report not quite the same creative drive as our number 1, Green Crack. Also, take it slow, small doses of this are necessary to start, too much and you might just end up feeling stuck to your couch. Users say this is the perfect strain to help with productivity or exploring the outdoors.

  • Ratios: 17-22.4% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effect: Energetic
  • Benefits: Productivity booster, sweeter smell
  • Flavor & Aroma: Earthy

Sour Diesel:

This fast-acting Sativa strain in the top ten is sometimes referred to as “Sour D” or “Sour Deez” and shot to popularity in 1990 and has had a legacy ever since. Give this a puff, and you might get more a cerebral high, while also giving your comrades a pungent smell of you guessed it, diesel.

  • Ratios: 18-26% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effects: Cerebral, dreamy, fast-acting, and energizing
  • Benefits: Relieve symptoms of depression, pain, and stress.
  • Flavor & Aroma: Diesel

Silver Super Haze:

Looking for a full-body high? This might be your favorite of the top ten sativa strains. Apparently, a lot of users love that, so much so, this strain was the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup 3 years in a row, 1997-1999. Users reported an intense energy boost, euphoria, and arousing effects.

  • Ratios: 18-23% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effects: Long-lasting full-body high, energizing
  • Benefits: Uplifting, reduced stress, treatment for lack of appetite and nausea
  • Flavor & Aroma: Earthy & Citrus


This pure Sativa strain makes the midway spot on this list because users report, you either love it or you're over it. This old-school Sativa is much like number 2 on this list, that it’ll give you energy in smaller doses, but might melt you into the couch in large quantities. Given that this is a remake of the popular Tangerine Dream, you won’t be surprised by the striking but refreshing orange aroma.

  • Ratios: 17-22% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effect: Energetic
  • Benefits: Uplifting, Focused
  • Flavor & Aroma: Orange & Citrus

Strawberry Cough:

You guessed it, it’s got that delicious, sweet berry fragrance and flavor. You might want to build a fruit bowl of this Sativa with #5 from this list. The second part of the name of this Sativa strain refers to just that, a cough! Even seasoned consumers have reported coughing with this strain. If you don’t mind being creative, with a side of cough, this might be a great fit.

  • Ratios: 17-26% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effects: Energetic, Cerebral High
  • Benefits: Creative, great for stress relief
  • Flavor & Aroma: Strawberry

Jack Herer:

Aka JH, The Jack, Premium Jack, or Platinum Jack, this is a renowned Sativa strain named after a famous author and cannabis activist. Users who are fans of the wake and bake favor this Sativa strain because its cerebral energy plays nice with your daytime festivities. We are thinking Jack Herer loved some spice while out camping because the hints of spices, including black pepper, mixed with pine trees give this strain an unmistakable aroma. One toke and it will be evident why Jack Herer is one of the top ten Sativa strains.

  • Ratios: 17-23% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effects: Energetic, Cerebral High
  • Benefits: Blissful, clear-headedness, and creativity
  • Flavor & Aroma: Earthy – hints of pine and spice

Maui Wowie:

You can also spell this Sativa strain’s name like “Maui Waui” or “Mowie Wowie” and it’ll transport you to a tropical high-energy euphoric land. Hints of pineapple and tropical flavors carry you blissfully away to the shores of Hawaii where this Sativa strain originally came to be. This might be a good strain to start your Sativa journey on as the effects are lighter and motivating to conquer your day or just sit by on the beach.

  • Ratios: 17-28% THC / 0% CBD
  • Top Effects: Lightweight high-energy euphoria
  • Benefits: Stress relief and creativity
  • Flavor & Aroma: Tropical

Purple Haze:

Ever heard that Jimi Hendrix song? This Sativa strain was good enough to write a song about, so take a listen and take a puff. Much like the song, this nostalgic Sativa strain is appreciated for transporting you to a high-energy cerebral headspace. The buds give off hints of lavender (hence the name) with a mix of sweet and earthy flavors.

  • Ratios: 17-26% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effects: High Energy Cerebral stimulation
  • Benefits: Creativity and blissful contentment
  • Flavor & Aroma: Sweet & Earthy


This one will hit you like a train wreck, not kidding. Respect this Sativa strain and be prepared for a combination head and body high. Want to feel physically awesome, instant happiness, and that surge of euphoria? This might be your strain, but again, R-E-S-P-E-C-T because overdoing it may cause a lot of dizziness in a hurry. Check out those benefits below, and you’ll see why some users prefer this strain for an array of medical conditions.

  • Ratios: 17-25% THC / >1% CBD
  • Top Effects: Euphoria
  • Benefits: Great for migraines, pain, arthritis, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD
  • Flavor & Aroma: Sweet & Earthy

Alright, that’s our list, now we can’t say enough, these effects are unique to each person. Go slow, find what works for you, and most importantly enjoy your cannabis.

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