Cannabis delivery is an extremely helpful service. Many medical users depend on their cannabis dosing to treat a variety of issues, from anxiety and depression to cancer pain. Recreational users can't always get to the dispensary, but having cannabis on hand can help them to stay relaxed and focused.

So how do you get cannabis safely, securely, and legally delivered to you when you need it?

Know Your Regulations

Different states and municipalities have different requirements for cannabis delivery. It's important to research the laws where you live. Delivery isn't necessarily legal everywhere recreational cannabis use is allowed. However, some states have added delivery temporarily to meet certain market needs.

If you can get delivery, make sure that you buy from a licensed dispensary. In California, for example, dispensary licenses are mandatory for all sellers of cannabis. Furthermore, cannabis delivery drivers in California need to have Motor Carrier Permits.

If your dispensary doesn't explicitly advertise these licenses, ask a dispensary rep or your delivery driver for the information. California requires drivers to keep on hand a copy of the dispensary’s license. In addition, an ID badge issued by the dispensary, and a personal photo ID are also required.

Also, be aware of packaging and labeling laws. For example, all delivered goods must be in an opaque package before they head out the door. Check that your cannabis arrives in this kind of packaging since it's a good indicator that your dispensary abides by regulations.

Compliance matters. There are too many unlicensed dispensaries out there offering delivery, and their products may contain additives and impurities that you won't find in products from a licensed seller.

ID Verification

California state law also requires that cannabis delivery personnel check customer IDs. If you're aged 21 or older, you can buy recreational cannabis with just a photo ID.

If you're 18 to 20, you can only buy medicinal cannabis. You'll need to show the delivery driver your prescription as well as your ID.

Your driver will very likely be arriving in an unmarked car. That's a safety measure since cannabis is a valuable product and dispensaries want to protect their drivers from theft. If you haven't already asked for their ID, it's smart to ask when they request yours.

Order In-State

Be aware that because cannabis is still not legal at the federal level, transporting cannabis products across state lines is illegal. You can order online or by phone if you'd like, but make sure that the dispensary you order from is in your state.

Have Cash On Hand

Since cannabis continues to be illegal at the federal level, many dispensaries are unable to take credit card payments. Some dispensaries may let you pay your driver with a debit card, but the easiest way is still to pay with cash when your order arrives.

Offer exact change if at all possible, and make sure you add a tip for your driver. The suggested amount is 20% of your order total before tax.

A Final Word

Delivery services can be a safe and convenient way of getting cannabis products. Keep yourself safe by ordering from a licensed dispensary and having your ID, cash, and any required prescription documentation ready for your driver when they arrive. Remember to tip!