December 22, 2022

Cannabis and Cancer

New research is being done on cannabis and cancer. The results are very promising. Nowadays, the legalization of medical cannabis opens the way to multiple studies. These studies will help in the quest to know, canweed cure cancer?

Cannabis and Cancer Treatment

The medical world understands the benefits of cannabis and cancer treatmentssince the AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s. At that time, patients discovered that smoking marijuana greatly reduces the anxiety, nausea and weight loss associated with chemo treatments.

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Thesedays, the success of cannabis in reducing the side effects of chemo is well seen. Scientists and patients are now pushing for answers to the larger question: can weed cure cancer?

First off, theAmerican Cancer Society agrees there is great potential in the link between cannabis and cancer. The organization officially supports more research. Currently, there are exciting results in studies on marijuana and cancer. Lastly, the studies show weed shrinks tumors and kills cancer cells in the lab.

Can Weed Cure Cancer?

Medical cannabis is now widely available. Therefore, scientists are making progress in the answer to:can weed cure cancer?We do know the compounds in marijuana have different effects on the living body.

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Treatment depends on which cannabinoids are used. THC is psychoactive, which is why it is regulated.THC creates a euphoric “high” that reduces anxiety.It also can provide relief for pain, nausea and seizures. Futher reserach shows that THC can cause apoptosis, or the self-inflicted death of cancer cells.

CBD and Cancer

Now, CBD is a different story.Because CBD has no intoxicating effects, it is not subject to government regulation. CBD is widely available in a variety of products. Such as, supplements, edibles, cosmetics and animal products like Mikko’s Choice CBD Pellets for Horses. However, CBD plays an important role as an anti-inflammatory agent for cannabis and cancer treatment. Futhermore, studies show CBD also reduces pain in arthritis. It is known to be effective in treating childhood epilepsy.

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Looking at the relationship between cannabis and cancer, it is clear there is enormous potential. Can weed cure cancer? We still don’t know, but it is proven to reduce the effects of the disease.Two pure cannabinoid drugs are approved in the United States. Marinol and Naboline are now being used to treat nausea and vomiting during treatments.Nabiximols, a mouth spray to treat cancer-related pain, is currently in use in Canada and Europe. It is still being studied in the United States.

Marijuana and Cancer Treatment

Let's be honest, marijuana and cancer do not always go together for all people.For one thing, not everyone enjoys being high. Unfortunately, some users may experience side effects. These can be rapid heart beat and dizziness. Cannabinoids can also make you feel sleepy. They can increase the effects of sedatives and alcohol.

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Something to note: mixing cannabis with Nabilone, the powerful anti-nausea drug used in cancer patients, sometimes causes hallucinations. Even prescription drugs can produce side effects. Especially for those with psychological illnesses. Be sure to talk to your doctor before you consider cannabis and cancer treatment.

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