Chemistry vapes contain everything the plant gives us. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Therefore, our full-spectrum vapes are 100% cannabis-derived.

Chemistry’s mission is to Stay True to the Plant.

Chemistry vapes are completely free of additives.

Our entire team cares too much for this wonderful plant to mess around with Mother Nature’s perfection.

Furthermore, the cannabis used in all of our products is grown under the California sun. Our farmers use organic techniques. They grow the most respected craft cultivators. We take it a step further, almost all of our farms are Sun+Earth certified.

Not all vapes are created equally

Do you remember Vapegate?

In late 2019, the CDC issued a report. It identified an unknown “chemical exposure” as the likely cause of the vape-related lung illness outbreak.

Furthermore, the FDA pointed to this oil as the possible culprit.

Not long after, Leafly said that illicit manufacturers used the cutting agent since late 2018. Mostly, this oil is used in cannabis vaporizers in the illicit market.

Luckily, we are always testing our Chemistry vapes for pesticides. We test for things like heavy metals and residual solvents.

Chemistry’s 2nd Pillar is Love the Plant, Respect the Science.

Above all, cannabis products in a legal cannabis shop in California are the most heavily regulated on the planet. In fact, products from a legit retailer are cleaner than most of the produce at your local market.

Something is backwards here!

In fact, we are in the process of becoming a Sun+Earth certified manufacturer. In addition, our customers can feel safe and be confident that Chemistry vapes are clean, organic, and good for our earth.

Moreover, inhaling clean cannabis oil from high quality hardware is just as safe as smoking cannabis. Forget the toxins and carcinogens released during combustion. For millennia, humans look to safely smoke the plant’s flower for its therapeutic agents.

Chemistry vapes’ gentle methods are designed to preserve a complete profile of those therapeutic agents. For instance, the process also filters out the crude plant matter that creates undesirable compounds upon combustion.

Manufacturing the cleanest, highest quality products

Ultimately, this is real issue at play here: many cannabis products are not properly regulated. This is due to the plant’s status as a Schedule I narcotic by the Federal Government.

Unfortunately, Consumers are buying illicit market vapes contaminated with all kinds of nasty things. These are heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, micro contaminants and cutting agents like Vitamin E acetate.

All signs point toward cutting agents as the culprit of this national outbreak of lung illness. But don’t forget, the other contaminants pose a clear danger to consumer health, too. Prohibition is a public safety issue, plain and simple.

Do not buy products off the illicit market

If cannabis vapes are banned in legal states, this issue will only become worse over time. Consumers will have no choice but to look toward the illicit market instead of a well-regulated supply chain.

History does tend to repeat itself.

This is no different than bathtub gin sickening people during alcohol prohibition.

Now’s the time to decriminalize and properly regulate cannabis nationally. Let’s not ban a product that’s safer than combusting plant matter into your lungs when we manufacture it with love and intention.

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