RSO oil is a marijuana extract that has great therapeutic potential. Due to the thick viscosity of RSO, the best way to take RSO oil is through syringes. Furthermore, there are a lot of different ways to apply or use RSO orally that are quite effective.

Best way to take RSO Oil - How to Use RSO?

There are several effective ways to take advantage of the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil.

- Apply it Directly on the Skin

RSO oil can be applied on the skin topically to treat the symptoms of various diseases. When RSO is mixed with some coconut or olive oil, it gets easier to apply to the skin and spread. As soon as the oil is applied to the skin, the specific area can be covered with a cloth or bandage and must be changed with every new application.

- Apply it Sublingually

If the taste of RSO does not seem bitter or spicy to you it can also be applied sublingually under the tongue. Applying it sublingually allows for quick absorbtion as it skips the liver. The medicinal contents of RSO are easily absorbed through the membranes in the tongue and are carried to the bloodstream where the therapeutic effects are produced.

The same extract can also be applied between the gums and cheek so that it can dissolve slowly over time. However, it is always a good idea to keep a glass of water or drink with you, in order to dilute the stickiness of RSO.

- Ingest it

If the taste and consistancy doesn't bother you, RSO oil can also be eaten directly to produce similar effects as edibles. The onset can be slower because the oil is digested slowly but the effects are fantastic.

Although, some people have experienced roughness in their throat after ingesting RSO directly, hence, some alternative has been suggested as well. The oil can be spread upon a small piece of bread or fruit or it can be inserted into a vacant gelatin capsule so that it becomes easier to swallow.

For the beginner dose, the RSO should not be taken more than half the size of a rice grain and only up to three times a day. Gradually the human body can build up its tolerance to RSO while the usage is continued, thus the dosage can be increased over time to achieve the desired effects.

Moreover, when the use of RSO is discontinued it is best to decrease the dosage slowly rather than stopping it together. If it is stopped suddenly, it may lead to the withdrawal of THC and hence cause anxiety or sleep problems.

What are effects of RSO?

Since RSO has such high levels of THC, there is a risk that the consumers might experience the effects that are involved with THC. The most common effects involved with THC are paranoia, dry mouth, dry eyes, sleep problems, and slowed reaction time

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