December 22, 2022

Best Cannabis Careers

You may enjoy using cannabis, but have you ever thought about working in the industry? In 2019, the cannabis industry saw a 15% growth in the United States, adding 33,700 jobs. Many of the best cannabis careers are quite lucrative. Some positions don’t require any cannabis-specific knowledge. If you’re new to cannabis or have only ever thought of using it, you can still find a job in the field. Here are some of the best cannabis careers to consider.

Cultivator or Harvester

Roles for cultivators and harvesters vary. Depending upon your experience, you can do anything from trimming plants to overseeing the care the plants receive each day.

Cultivators manage the daily care of cannabis plants. They trim, measure pH levels, and monitor each plant’s health. Harvesters gather the plants to sell, weighing, sorting, and trimming buds.

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Lab Tech

Cannabis regulations are becoming more rigorous. As such, the demand for lab technicians is increasing. The industry needs more people to ensure that the cannabis products sold in dispensaries are safe. Technicians also determine cannabinoid contents and make sure every product meets the state’s regulations.

Dispensary Owner

If you’re passionate about sharing quality cannabis products with medical and recreational users, the role of dispensary owner may be perfect for you. As an owner, you’re in a position to make a significant amount of money as the industry continues to grow. The job is also demanding. You have to make sure that your store is running well and following all state regulations at all times.

Master Extractor

Smoking is one of the most well-known methods of using cannabis. Today, however, extracts and concentrates are beginning to outsell flowers. To meet the increasing demand, more master extractors are needed.

As an extractor, you are responsible for transforming cannabis plants into oils and other concentrates. Positions range from entry-level to expert, but all require incredible attention to detail. You’ll also need to undergo substantial training to create extracts safely.

Edibles Chef

If you have experience cooking or baking, and you also have experience with cannabis, you may be a good fit for a career as an edibles chef. The job entails more than crafting delicious recipes and adding cannabis. You have to add the right amount of cannabis to each recipe to ensure the final product will produce the desired results.

Industry Writer

As interest in cannabis grows, there is a growing demand for writers. Whether it’s product reviews, scientific articles about the different strains, articles about how cannabis works in the body, or the latest industry news, writers are essential for providing the information that people seek. The great part about this particular position is that you don’t need to have any cannabis-related experience (although it can help in certain situations). You can work for a newspaper or a magazine. Or, you can even write about cannabis as a freelance content creator.

Cannabis Careers Are Abundant

As the medical and recreational cannabis industry continues to grow, more and more people are needed to fill the positions necessary to keep it booming. If you’re interested in getting involved in the industry, it may be time to start looking into the careers available in your area.

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